Executive Leadership Courses

Courses from 2 to 9 days for nonprofit Executive Directors & senior managers

Our approach to executive leadership development is research based, proven successful, and customized for nonprofit leaders. Courses include:

  • Focus on leadership skill development,
  • One on one executive coaching,
  • Real-life case studies in which participants have their situations analyzed by the class and instructors,
  • Development of personal leadership plans.

Participants regularly make major breakthroughs with JGA executive leadership classes, as evidenced by the following statements from clients and participants:

“I’ve been in a lot of leadership seminars, but I found in this one a most profound realization – that by giving your own power away, you actually get more power.”

“This course has had transformational impact on leadership in our field. The curriculum and JGA’s coaching have helped participants break personal barriers, leading to increased effectiveness that has strengthened their organizations and communities.”