Nonprofit Turnaround Workshops

Nonprofit Turnaround: Leading Your Organization from Struggle to Success

A half-day workshop designed for executive directors and board members without turnaround experience

The workshop emphasizes:

  • Organizational diagnosis; recognizing crisis symptoms
  • You’re not alone; what portion of nonprofit sector is in similar condition
  • Orientation to transition & turnaround process
  • Sources of assistance; how to approach the turnaround process

How to Lead a Nonprofit Turnaround

A day and a half workshop designed for consultants & interim executive directors with turnaround experience, and other turnaround leaders

The workshop emphasizes:

  • Organizational diagnosis methodologies
  • Comprehensive sessions on each aspect of the turnaround process:
  • Building a turnaround leadership team
  • Establishing direction and hope
  • Changing organizational culture and communications
  • Fixing the business model
  • Turnaround decision making processes
  • How to approach your next turnaround engagement

Implications of Turnaround Research for Foundations

A half-day workshop designed for foundation executives

This workshop covers the implications of Nonprofit Turnaround research for funders, affecting nonprofits at all levels of organizational health. The workshop includes:

  • How to get and give authentic feedback,
  • How to have difficult conversations with grantees,
  • How to monitor performance in a supportive way through “engaged grantmaking”
  • Causes of nonprofit decline and crisis and key elements of the turnaround process for struggling organizations

Nonprofit Turnaround PowerPoint