Mergers & Restructuring

Since 1996, we have facilitated over 20 nonprofit mergers and consulted on and/or led organizational restructuring for nonprofit and government agencies across the U.S.

Our merger and restructuring services include:

  • Mergers: feasibility analysis
  • Mergers: governance, operations and systems integration
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Administrative and back-office consolidations and partnerships
  • Program partnerships

How do we work with you?

Our approach is participatory.

  1. Work with stakeholders to assess feasibility of the partnership/merger.
  2. Craft a vision for success;
  3. Develop the implementation plan.
  4. Coach leadership through implementation (and if necessary, negotiations)

We identify potential risks and issues before they become problems. This may include insufficient revenue diversity, health care costs, decreases in funding sources and other cash flow issues.

Matters of organizational culture, history and politics often rise to the surface during times of major change. We manage everyone’s expectations while facilitating the process. This includes planning for dual scenarios (to merge or not to merge); team building within and across organizations; leadership integration; dual reporting relationships; and conflict management.

For a more complete description of nonprofit mergers, download this comprehensive PDF presentation on the subject.

Mergers & Restructuring Testimonials

The board of directors and leadership staff at Navos (Behavioral Health Solutions) have great appreciation and respect for the outstanding guidance we received from our consultant Jan Glick.

Jan trained us in the different models of merger, acquisition and affiliation.  He led us through discernment activities that helped us become specific about what we hoped to achieve, what cultures and qualities were best fits for us, and what we needed to get in place internally in order to be a viable candidate for joining with another organization.

He then consulted with me as, in my role of CEO, as I approached many possible partners, large and small, to explore possibilities.  We found an excellent potential partner within six months.  Jan guided and coached us through the processes of developing a letter of intent, structuring an agreement, and negotiating the details of an excellent agreement.

We now have a legal affiliation with MultiCare Health System and are happily discovering how to be even better as a partnership than I had hoped could be possible.  If you are considering a similar journey I highly recommend Jan Glick as a thoroughly professional, personable, experienced, resourceful and tactful expert to help you succeed.

David M. Johnson, Ed.D, LMHC, CEO, Navos

We are transforming the agency – its culture, its yearly expectations and reaching the goal for a sustainable future. None of this could have occurred without the persistence and pressure imposed by Jan Glick, our consultant for the project.

Judy Allen, Former Executive Director, Community Action Center of Whitman County

JGA’s facilitation process, depth of knowledge and broad experience helped our board proceed with confidence through succession planning which led to a merger with another, larger non-profit. Jan’s deft handling of diverse personalities helped us sail through issues that might have otherwise been challenging. The merger went very smoothly and JGA’s expertise, approach and style got consistent high marks.

David Schlesinger, Former Executive Director, Eastside Employment Services

Jan Glick was instrumental in encouraging our Board to do what we knew had to be done. With his guidance and motivation, our Board was able to find the strength, energy, and confidence to make bold moves in the areas of policy, structure, financial oversight, event management, and succession planning, that all contributed to our “turnaround” and assurance of continued success. Less than one year after Jan’s engagement, we’ve already witnessed a growth in Board size and strength and have developed a more sustainable business plan, resulting in a solid balance sheet. Thanks, Jan!

Mike Parrott, Former Chairman of the Board, Children’s Institute for Learning Differences