Unique focus, specialized expertise

More than ever before, nonprofits and government agencies are facing increased financial and operational challenges, which impact their mission-based work. But under the careful guidance of specialized change agents like Jan Glick & Associates, even organizations in deep distress can improve performance, strengthen leadership and achieve transformational change.

Leveraging deep nonprofit management and consulting experience, the firm has researched and developed methodologies that have been applied and proven to form the foundation for lasting change in the nonprofit and government sectors. Based on its extensive public sector experience, JGA directly and candidly communicates best practice strategies and coaches executive leadership to address and resolve deep-rooted organizational issues that influence decision-making. These non-traditional crisis intervention methodologies have transformed the performance of nonprofit and governmental organizations across the U.S., and can be tailored to fit a variety of needs and objectives.

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Innovative leadership development

Jan Glick & Associates has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to tackling organizational issues. Using a direct communication style, the firm guides clients towards a better understanding of the issues underlying their organization’s performance, and then provides sensible and tested recommendations to clear those hurdles.

The firm also recognizes that successful organizations cannot thrive without empowered leaders. As such, Jan provides innovative executive coaching and training workshops that seek to transform the existing leadership dynamics within an organization, leading to renewed focus and greater accountability. Unlike traditional seminars, participants are coached using real-world scenarios, which provide the skills to overcome future obstacles and the motivation to start making an immediate impact on their organization.

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Vision and insight to make a difference

Stemming from extensive experience within the nonprofit and government communities, the firm has developed both the vision to see untapped potential within a variety of organizations, and the insight and knowledge required to help them meet their potential. These influences are manifested in all aspects of the firm’s strategic methodologies, leading to sound recommendations that yield tangible results.

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