As a leader in the nonprofit or public sector, you face unprecedented pressure to perform in an increasingly complex and competitive environment with limited financial resources. JGA’s leadership development courses and executive leadership coaching help you thrive in this environment by being nimble and entrepreneurial to embrace change, while also optimizing your communication and interactions with your constituents, board, and staff.

We help you acquire the skills and tools necessary to lead effectively:

  • Board Chairs Academy – in partnership with Third Sector Company
  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • 360-degree leadership evaluations
  • Customized executive trainings

About Our Training and Coaching

Unlike traditional management courses, we listen to your needs and tailor the training to give you the specific skills you need to deal with your own real-world issues and problems, not just textbook cases. Jan’s leadership, management and training experience provides the tools for us to develop nonprofit leaders’ skills in both management and leadership. Our methodology applies a proven-successful approach built on the experience of training and coaching hundreds of nonprofit executives.

Our trainings and executive coaching are designed to be engaging, in-depth and comprehensive. We can help you to develop the skills that you need to lead your organization with confidence, inspiring others to work together toward a shared vision.


Our approach to executive leadership development is research based, proven successful, and customized for nonprofit leaders. Courses range from 2 to 9 days for nonprofit Executive Directors and senior managers and include:

  • Focus on leadership skill development,
  • One on one executive coaching,
  • Real-life case studies in which participants have their situations analyzed by the class and instructors,
  • Development of personal leadership plans.

Participants regularly make major breakthroughs with JGA executive leadership classes, as evidenced by the following statements from clients and participants:

“I’ve been in a lot of leadership seminars, but I found in this one a most profound realization – that by giving your own power away, you actually get more power.”

“This course has had transformational impact on leadership in our field. The curriculum and JGA’s coaching have helped participants break personal barriers, leading to increased effectiveness that has strengthened their organizations and communities.”

Leadership Testimonials

Kathy Thamm, Executive Director, Community Minded Enterprises

At SVP, Jan kept our Executive search focused and on-track. His emphasis on change management made what can be a difficult transition following a founding Executive, much smoother. We are grateful for his help.

Todd Vogel, immediate past board chair, Social Venture Partners, Seattle

Glick & Associates led us through a dramatic change to shift the Board’s focus to become a fundraising and governing entity through board development, strategic planning, and integration of financial management and performance measurement systems. Their insight, strategic view, and expertise have set the organization on a strong footing for viable program delivery and strong […]

Ron Kreizenbeck, former Board Chair, Environmental Science Center