With over a decade of local public health experience, our firm offers change management, planning, performance measurement and project management to health departments seeking to increase best practice work focused on measurable outcomes, social determinants of health and health equity.  We provide:

Change Management Technical Support
Our services include:

  • Large group task force, oversight committee and strategic restructuring planning on public health issues, with agency leadership, Boards of Health and other policy bodies
  • Process and system assessments to identify quality improvement, partnership and shared savings opportunities
  • Program design and sustainability planning
  • Quality improvement facilitation, including performance benchmarking, data collection processes, workflow standardization
  • Merger and partnership facilitation, including multi-agency or multi-government partnerships

Public Health Department Accreditation Planning and Support
Our services include:

  • Accreditation readiness assessment
  • Detailed workplan development
  • Project management
  • Accreditation visit preparation