With over twenty years of expertise in leading policy issue campaigns, supporting organizations in developing effective policy agendas, and national expertise in creating effective policy monitoring/tracking systems, our team can help you identify and leverage policy opportunities to strengthen your organizational mission and outcomes.

Policy Strategy
Our services include:

  • Issue identification. Help your board or staff identify issues and develop a policy strategy to achieve your organizational mission – address barriers and opportunities with a sophisticated approach and results.
  • Comparative policy analysis system development. Policy tracking (also called policy surveillance) is critical when working across jurisdictions. Utilize our expertise to help you develop a technology-based system, using an interactive, web-based interface. We coach you in developing the system, giving you a cost-effective way to maintain it over time.
  • Hiring and compliance processes. We provide assistance in developing policy job descriptions, and coaching on how to hire a lobbyist, and setting up reporting systems.

Policy analysis, policy surveillance and policy development
Our team brings deep experience in public policy research, policy agenda development, and coaching and development of longitudinal, multi-jurisdiction public policy monitoring systems on policies affecting population health and social welfare, useful for accreditation, Community Health Needs Assessments or community-benefits plans. Our methods allow you to develop policy strategies, hire effectively, and create an ongoing, technology-based system to monitor key elements of policy across jurisdictions and time, allowing you to compare city-to-city policies, school district-to-school district policies, state-to-state policies, or institution-to-institution policies on specific discrete elements. We support you in strengthening your policy approaches.


We provide half-day and full-day training workshops on the nuts and bolts and methodologies of creating a longitudinal policy surveillance system for your region or national approaches. With national expertise in developing standards for policy surveillance, creating comparative policy datasets and coding thousands of unique jurisdiction policy records, our team can help you set up a web-based, ongoing database and system to track policy change and its impacts. We work with clients to develop an initial coding scheme, research areas of the law, and support coding to develop organizational capacity for ongoing monitoring. This course is particularly useful for health departments or other agencies interested in tracking variation in law and policy across multiple jurisdictions.