Our approach to planning is participatory. We involve the organization’s leadership throughout the process to build buy-in. We work collaboratively with you to develop, launch, and follow through on plans that measurably move your organization toward its vision. We apply a range of planning methodologies, depending on your situation. Our planning services include:

  • Internal organizational assessment
  • External market analysis
  • Analysis of purpose and organizational capacity
  • Feasibility studies & evaluation of market opportunities
  • Development and implementation of performance management systems

We deliver specific outcomes with built-in metrics to monitor success — keeping people and programs accountable for performance. Multi-year financial projections are developed to be consistent with strategies. Where specific initiatives have universal support prior to completion of the plan, we recommend and coach through their launch.

Strategic Planning Testimonials

Jan Glick did an outstanding job of aligning our board of trustees toward common strategic goals.   He helped the board articulate their goals using clear and inspirational language.  His unique ability to achieve consensus among diverse groups created a positive space for the board to voice their ideas and better understand how to achieve those […]

Stephanie Stebich, Director, Tacoma Art Museum

Our department had been grappling with escalating utility costs for many years. JGA quickly and collaboratively assessed our situation, designed a process and developed a strategic plan that addressed our department’s barriers and opportunities. JGA then conveyed the essential elements of the necessary changes clearly and compellingly to internal and external stakeholders in order to […]

Christopher Williams, Former Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation Department

Our board and staff loved how Jan kept us focused on the most critical strategic issues within the business planning process.  He also seamlessly facilitated the Executive Director succession, balancing the interests of the board with those of the incoming and outgoing Directors. As a new Executive Director, Jan’s insightful coaching has given me the tools to better develop and empower my […]

Marty Miller, Executive Director, Office of Rural and Farmworker Housing