Supporting Organizations Through Turnarounds

Jan Glick & Associates can help your organization address deep issues necessary to right your ship or determine the correct path forward.  We have helped dozens of organizations turnaround their programs, finances and missions.  We do this through:

  • Direct organizational engagement, working with your board and CEO on in-depth turn-around strategies
  • Coaching, and
  • Trainings.

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Or, purchase Jan’s book: Nonprofit Turnaround: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders, Consultants & Funders

Jan recognized that many organizations in the nonprofit sector were facing dire financial and organizational challenges but that the sector was lacking adequate transparency and benchmarking for how to turn around organizations.  As a foundational partner and safety net in many communities, the health of nonprofit organizations is critical to civic stability.  Jan’s book addresses these challenges and can be a good place to start for organizational leaders facing the abyss.

Turnaround Workshops

Jan Glick & Associates offers overview and in-depth training nonprofit turn-around workshops for individual organizations, management support organizations, foundations and trade associations. To learn more about which workshop may best serve your audience, please contact us. 

How to Lead a Nonprofit Turnaround is a day and a half workshop designed for consultants & interim executive directors with turnaround experience, and other turnaround leaders. The workshop emphasizes:

  • Organizational diagnosis methodologies
  • Comprehensive sessions on each aspect of the turnaround process:
  • Building a turnaround leadership team
  • Establishing direction and hope
  • Changing organizational culture and communications
  • Fixing the business model
  • Turnaround decision making processes
  • How to approach your next turnaround engagement

Implications of Turnaround Research for Foundations is a half-day workshop that covers the implications of Nonprofit Turnaround research for funders, affecting nonprofits at all levels of organizational health. The workshop includes:

  • How to get and give authentic feedback,
  • How to have difficult conversations with grantees,
  • How to monitor performance in a supportive way through “engaged grantmaking”
  • Causes of nonprofit decline and crisis and key elements of the turnaround process for struggling organizations

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For a more complete description of nonprofit turnarounds, download Jan’s comprehensive presentation on what to expect in a turnaround